Every human is just a human and at the same time he/she, with his/her actions, thoughts, existence, in other words, his/her energy is a part of something much greater. A human comes to this world and experiences events, enjoys emotion and creates fantasy projections around oneself. He/she lives. And if, as it is said, life is not the days that have passed, but the ones that have remained in memory, then the photograph is an emotional memory in a viewable and tangible format.

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It`s interesting to watch a person materialize his/her essence and bring it to the outside world. In my photographs, I try to capture the special individuality that each human has as a person and every event as part of his or her life.

  • Am I interested in emotions? Yes, because that is what distinguishes people. Each human is a different world in his/her own because his or her emotions are entirely his or hers.
  • Am I interested in the character? Unambiguous, because it`s the materialized projection of thoughts and fantasies.
  • Am I interested in intentional or accidental expressions? Of course, because the manifestations reveal essence, especially the accidental manifestations.

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I spend most of my life in an unreal reality, I watch and I fix. The photograph helps to create a life story and, after a long time, return to the past and enjoy memories.

There is public life and there is the part which is private or intimate. The one in which you don`t want to let anyone in. We all have that one and we each set the boundaries between each other. When I do private orders, I respect the clients desire not to divulge the events of their private life.

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