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Identity wallpaper

Numbers and feelings

I can’t draw and I can’t paint, but I can figure out and invent. That’s exactly what my way is, from calculation through to design, from design through to photography.


S 1

Photography has never been my dream profession, nor now it is my profession. Rather, it`s my love hat has lasted more than three years.* Among the diplomas and certificates of any educational establishments, there is no diploma of photography on my shelf. It all started in a notional way: while studying design in high school, the program included a photography course. Sometimes I wonder how life turns out and how important each taken step is. We were not taught by a professional photographer who could probably explain about the technical characteristics of the camera during such a very limited semester, but by a young artist, who was not very interested about technical side. Only result - the photograph - was important. One, selected, task-relevant, original, surprising, and printed. Then I discovered that to photograph flowers in the interior in a way I would like, is not easy at all. Yes, it was the “ flowers in the interior” that was the most difficult task for me - the flowers I shoot during the whole course, so at the end of the semester I could persuade myself for a picture that I could give. At the same time, the most fascinating task was the “architectural elements”. It attracted excitement and resulted in a photo story “Windows of One Small Town”. It was the first step in the world of photography. Further, with all the baggage accumulated during training, and my constant tendency to explore, analyse, compute, arrange, and put it on the shelves, through the curiosity, to find out how these all techniques work in photography, I went into search. In simple words, I took pictures, tried variations, analyzed, filtered, threw out, showed to others.

What I do and how I do it?

S 2

I say “building a frame” about my photography process. Invisible lines, balance of proportions, play of light and shades, the proportion of textures, the spectrum of colors and shades, and how it all as combined into composition are always important to me. I like to catch a moment. It is that magical moment, which in its permanence, is absolutely objective and independent of me, which is free and pure from my intervention, natural and unadulterated, becomes into absolutely my subjective vision. It`s a moment when I take over the energy of the moment and convert it into another form that can continue to exist in another dimension of time and find a reference to other people`s feelings. If the moment in its existence has passed and disappeared, as fixed it continues to be.

Why moments if in my pictures are mostly sights, material realities, people and acts?

Cepurite 12

That`s most interesting. Any view, just like a human, opens for photographing at some point under certain conditions. Shooting the same object or subject in different conditions from different viewing points, the mood and message of the pictures change. There are shots that can be framed and adapted to your imagination - changing compositions and lighting, adding something, removing something, eventually faking something. There are shots you need to adjust yourself and wait for a several factors to match. I have a collection of Little Hat Island pictures. The pictures mostly consist of only the island at different seasons, different times of day, different weather conditions. Little Hat Island is not an object that can expect mastery of posing. The island is in an environment where the desired lighting cannot be turned on. You just have to wait for the right time, or rely on random chance and good luck.

About pictures and cycles

S 4

Pictures tend to be different: for emotions and attention, entertainment and serious events, everyday, today, tomorrow. You can take pictures of people, events, places, and things. You can do it in different variations. The digital world, with its huge capabilities and huge storage facilities, allows you to take and store countless pictures. Not every picture has added value, not every picture you want to show to others, not every one desires to print. Printed pictures, unlike digital ones, go through a different life cycle. One can find use for these in advertising, another gets used on the packaging, another could complement an article in the media, another we might send as a greetings. There are pictures that have a place in the family album, and there are pictures that complement the interior as an accent. There are pictures that are thrown in the trash after use, and there are some those you want to keep.


small photoart

I stamp my works with s signature. I have two signatures for the pictures - one that was created by my hand and one which was created by my mind. They do not exclude each other. My logotype is registered and it implies that each of my work I show to the world is my continuation in the world.

* “Love lasts three years”./L' amour dure trois ans/. FrederickBeigbeder