They said: "YES!"


Once I was at a wedding... The ceremony was taking place on the shore of the lake outside the town. Before the ceremony, the bride realized that she had forgotten her shoes!!!... For a short moment there was almost a panic, for a very short time, because the fiance and the entire wedding party supported her amiably and pulled off their footwear. There was a barefoot wedding.

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Another time I was at another wedding with a completely different story - a little girl accidentally got locked inside the car with the car keys in the car with her. There were only a few minutes left until the ceremony and there was nothing to be done but break the window glass to get the child out.

Then I was at yet another wedding and again a different story...

And then I understood one simple truth: whatever events are carefully invented, planned, prepared, everything can happen, and these random and unpredictable incidents make events special and unique.

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