In Limbo Created

In Limbo Created. There is Another Worlds behind the Doors


It is said that the world is changing and it will never be the same again. Civilization is on its path of change between the two worlds. It is frozen in uncertainty, in limbo. It feels paralyzed, as if It is in a state of induced paralysis. Civilization is like a child who is put in an isolated room with several exit doors and one door closed behind. The child plays with blocks that have symbols of letters, numbers, laws, rules. The child plays by moving the blocks from place to place and looks at the changes, the changing arrangements  in amusement. It feels so thrilled at the innumerable ways it can change things around itself. Mankind is a smart child, some call it the Indigo Child. The rapid pace of development has taught mankind so quickly and convincingly not only to make countless combinations, but also to justify them. Everything is doing so perfectly. But there are still emotions which are in the way of this super pace of changing scenarios. Emotions that cannot be simply imprinted on the blocks by sample. They can only be placed as symbols and words that suggest  emotions, replication of emotion, but not the emotions themselves. Yes, this child is still a creature of nature and emotions are in his system by default. Emotions, that can lead to errors, mistakes or accidents. During childhood we are told that mistakes always leave a bitter taste, but in adult life, professionalism reduces the probabilities of accidents. But there is nothing wrong with making mistakes.


The intelligent yet emotional child continues to play with everything that was created earlier and that is being created in the process of evolution. It starts branding them with words  - house, car, plane, career, shrimp, pot ... etc. In total isolation it also puts together the words "family", "friends", "attention" and even "happiness". Just mere words which sound good to play with but lack genuine conviction or authenticity. The room becomes too cluttered with blocks and then the paradox - the game does not stay interesting for child any more, it becomes more boring. That which used to please previously does not have the same effect anymore. It begins to resemble a routine and is dumped in the farthest corner of the room. Everything that is newly created comes with a thrilling speed that leaves no moment for the child to appreciate and does allow it time to grasp and enjoy. 

On the scale of human life, generations are changing and the game has continued in a recurring manner. Accumulated personal memories have relatively disappeared, while outer ones keep being re-acquired regularly. Not in this room. The speed at which humanity is in today, one room is too small for that. The world is rapidly changing all the time. It has always been, and it is not a new phenomenon.  It’s just that the pace has grown too fast to comprehend with, too hard to digest. Too much speed makes a person miss out on experience, on knowledge and on enduring values, and even on emotions. It puts in a state of "limbo" and a human finds himself in uncertainty, "overwhelmed" with possibilities and knowledge and, at the same time, in ignorance of what's next ... 

Humanity does not know in what world it will wake up tomorrow. But nature knows. Nature knows everything about itself. Nature does not need written laws and fictional rules. It has its own rhythm, its own processes, its own cycles. Winter is always replaced by spring. Spring is coming and Primula Veris begins to bloom. That world is behind the doors ...