In Legends Wrapped Little Hat Island

One of the legends says that only one boat can stop at Little Hat Island or Love Island at a time, and only if there are two on board... I don`t tell legends, I only photograph. Little Hat Island is the object that can be repeated in photographs without changing the angles of the pivot and views, and in the pictures it will be different each time, because it itself is changing and the environment is changing.

Cepurite 15 Cepurite 13 Cepurite 14
Cepurite 16
C 3
Cepurite F 2
Cepurite F 1 Cepurite F 3
Cepurite F 5
Cepurite 18
Cepurite F 6 Cepurite F 7 Cepurite F 8
Cepurite F 4