About photography and not only

Publication in “Aluksnes News” from July 7, 2017

... “I perceive photograph as a capture of the moment. This is what connects me to photography the most. The moment is just a moment, it is now, and it is with something special, the moment disappears and never repeats exactly the same performance. Life consists of moments, it can be perpetuated in  a picture. Besides that photography is a powerful element of visual communication, popular and widely used. Pictures and photos are needed for advertising, because the advertising messages provide information about objects, events, etc. Even, the interior designers often use photographs. Modern technology allows photographs to print on many material surfaces - glass, wood, aluminium, composite materials, but basically every picture should be a picture in good quality and high resolution.”...

Aluksnes Zinas

What would you recommend to young photographers?

The only thing I can suggest is to ask themselves, is photography a matter close to the heart or not. And if it’s matter of heart, then all will be done - just have to find follow your own style.

Now when almost everyone has a camera, what distinguishes photographers from one another?

Attitude. Attitude to the thing you do. This concept includes a lot and it all cannot be measured. There’s both style and responsibility, readiness for challenges and patience. You cannot overlook anything such as equipment - a camera (there are different categories of cameras - for beginners, enthusiasts, professionals), lenses, tripod, willingness to learn, develop and grow, basic rules of composition, lighting, etc. Attitude is what distinguishes people from each other in general and characterizes each of us. Professionals can work in different genres and each in their own style, but the professional will do everything to rule out accidents and failures;... Different people do the same thing in different ways - one with enthusiasm and diligence, passion and care, the other approaches things more easily. The attitude is palpable. The attitude appearing in the final result is easily distinguishable. The same universal rules of life that work in the other spheres of life work in photography as well.

And how to find your own vision not only in photography, but also in life in general?

It just has to be. The vision needs to be searched inside and pulled out, not the other way around. Once again, my former teacher said, “You can teach and learn everything, it’s just a matter of technique and time. The only thing you can’t teach and learn is to look and to see”. You may not agree with such a theory, you can interpret other artists, you can learn from others - you can try to go different ways, make mistakes and finally find. I stick that to the thought that vision, as a basic matrix, must be inside and it needs development.