Children draw or tonal relations in the Landscapes

Children Draw or Tonal Relations in the Landscapes

In the spring of 2019, 4th grade students of Aluksne`s Arts School drew Aluksne`s landscapes with the drawing teacher, Ilze Egle, from my photographs.

MS 5

Drawing: Undīne Simsone, 2019

MS 6

Drawing: Elīza Eislere, 2019

MS 7

Drawing: Betija Bāliņa, 2019

MS 4

Drawing: Anabella Kruglova, 2019

MS 8

Drawing: Marta Rozīte, 2019

MS 9

Drawing: Laura Žīgure, 2019

MS 2

Drawing: Kristīne Lāce, 2019

MS 3

Drawing: Natālija Repša, 2019

MS 1

Drawing: Artūrs Jānis Bengtsons, 2019

A small indent. During the opening of the exhibition “Another Beginning and Open Horizons” at the Aluksne`s Museum, I was asked “How to Look at Art?” and I easily answered: “With Your Own Eyes.” We can talk about this issue for a long time, philosophize, discuss and think deeply, but not this time.

This time its about children`s works. It is not redrawing photos and just duplicating something. In these works one has to look at dots and stripes, dashes and lines, directions and types. On how each young artist has found his/her way of showing colors, tonalities and gradations with the help of just a charcoal pencil.

And, look, there`s also a partial answer to the question of “how to look at art?” each artist has his own approach, his own techniques, and much of his own, special touch. And before he reaches the level of his special style, he tries and learns a lot. For a casual viewer looking from the across, there are only two categories of observation - “like” and “don`t like”, but art isn’t just hovering around and about these two criteria. The artists are in constant search for something new.