Laipni lūgti manā foto pasaulē


Art is to open the eyes of the World to what it is beyond the obvious

Any photograph is interesting when the usual is revealed in an unusual way. A photograph is interesting when it awakens fantasies from sleep. A photograph is interesting when it exudes the power of emotions and expression of ideas. Photographs is a form of communication without words and a unifying element between people who see the world in a similar or different way. A photograph is also a memory portal to the past. Photographs are different, genres are different, but in general it is the closest or the farthest parallel world.

My camera in my window to the world and my door to the surroundings

I’ve come to photography through a design background. I say I “build a frame” about my photographic process. For me there are important invisible lines, colors, tonality, light games, proportion of textures and how all this is combined into compositions. Photography likes thinking in “layers”, and that is why I like photography, but despite the accumulated knowledge, which is my integral companion, I take pictures through my senses.

Art is the way of perceiving the world through the feelings